January 19th

The gentleman from the I.T. department visited the office this day in order to put the new images on the three different types of laptops. After he finished that we were left with the task of re-imaging all the remaining laptops in the storage room. We began this process by re-imaging the 520’s first. The clerk showed me the re-imaging process first so I watched him re-image the first one then we re-imaged laptops at the same time. Once I got the hang of the re-imaging process we did both did two at a time. This day he did the mail bins and distributed the mail as I continued to re-image the laptops. I asked him how often and why do you need to re-image the laptops? He stated the laptops have to be re-imaged every time after someone checks it out and brings it back to the office to check it in. The laptops need to be re-imaged in order to update the anti-virus software, remove any virus that might be on the laptop, and also to eliminate the computer trail that person made such as the internet sites they visited while the laptop was in their possession.  The library media consultant ask me to laminate a few direction posters since the Video Literacy Festival entries were due the next day. Once I finished laminating the clerk and I went throughout the building putting the directional posters up so the teachers and employees would know what office to submit their entries to.

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